What is the Connection Fee? How is it Calculated?

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This article addresses the connection fee calculations. For other questions, please refer to the Connection Fee FAQ.


We are continuously investing in the tools, technology, and support services that make Purple Garden a premier destination for psychic and spiritual advice. This means facing the reality of operational costs, a challenge that is becoming increasingly significant in our efforts to maintain and elevate the platform's capabilities. 

In alignment with these goals, we’ve introduced a Connection Fee, effective March 5, 2024. The fees are as follows, deducted from the total charge of each per-minute fee before calculating the revenue share:

  • Chat Sessions: $0.19 per charged minute
  • Voice Calls: $0.29 per charged minute
  • Video Calls: $0.39 per charged minute (including video calls originated from Purple Ocean)

Here is an example to illustrate this change:

Chat session with 10 charged minutes and $4.99 price per minute. 

Total charged amount: 10 x $4.99 = $49.90


Before change After change
Advisor share = $49.90 x 36% = $17.96

Total Connection Fee: 10 x $0.19 = $1.90

Advisor share = ($49.90-$1.90) x 36% = $17.28


We recommend simulating your earnings with your price per minute and typical session duration to see how this will impact you. We also urge you to consider raising your per minute pricing, to keep your earnings in line with inflation.

Here are some additional examples to further illustrate the calculations:



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