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What is the connection fee?

Please refer to this article for details and calculations. 


When will a connection fee be charged? 

A connection fee will occur for each paid minute of a live reading (text chat, live video call or live voice call) that advisor and client are connected.


How are connection fees charged?

Fees are deducted from the total charge of each minute connected, but before the revenue share is calculated. Please refer to this article for detailed calculation examples


Are there connection fees charged on Purple Ocean?

There are no connection fees charged for recorded video calls (24 hour and rush orders) on Purple Ocean. There will only be connection fees charged on the live video calls offered on Purple Ocean.


Will connection fees be charged on sale days?

Yes. On Purple Garden Sale days, the fees will be charged just as they would on any live text, video or voice call on any other day. 


If an order is withdrawn or refunded, will the connection fees still be charged?

No they will not. If an order is canceled or otherwise refunded, the entire amount is removed, including any connection fees. 


Will connection fees be charged on Tryouts?

No. Tryouts are exempt from connection fees until a user decides to continue the call at the per minute price.


Where can I go to clarify any questions I may have?

Write in to Support at for assistance and/or additional clarification.

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