Can I be featured as a staff pick?

Noa Runes
Noa Runes
We have many advisors ask about being featured as a Staff Pick.This feature is a perk, not a guarantee. We do not take requests to be featured.

Some things we look for in our Staff Picks:
  • Advisors who are completing their orders on time and haven't been warned recently for missing deadlines.
  • Advisors who are offering their clients live video calls and rush delivery orders.
  • Advisors who are delivering quality readings and haven't been warned recently for unprofessionalism.

If you have recently been warned for your video quality or your ratio of missed deadlines, you will need to work to improve these areas before we will feature you. To be a Staff Pick, you must show us that you are reliable, and willing to put forth your best effort for every single order you deliver.   (This is not to say that you have been warned, but for informational purposes only.)  

We will contact you if and when we would like to feature you. Keep up the good work, and you just may hear from us soon! 

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