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Purple Garden Support
Purple Garden Support
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Introducing Purple Garden

  • New app for Live Video Calls

  • Advisors continue working through the Purple Ocean app, no changes needed

  • By popular demand, you can now be available to accept Live Video Calls and 1-hour orders simultaneously*

  • We also offer Live Voice and Live Chat functionality

*Be sure to update to latest version to enable this functionality

What is Purple Garden?

Purple Garden is the latest platform from the makers of Purple Ocean & BitWine. It's an app focused on providing clients with live psychic readings.

What types of readings does Purple Garden offer?

Purple Garden currently offers video calls, and will soon offer live text chats.

How will Purple Garden affect me?

We believe that the addition of Purple Garden will significantly increase advisor revenues by growing our overall marketshare in the mobile psychic readings industry.

How can I set up my profile in Purple Garden?

If you are already enabled for live chat, voice, and/or video calls on Purple Ocean and are in good standing, then you don't need to do anything- you're already in! Your profile will automatically appear in Purple Garden and you'll start receiving calls from Purple Garden users. If you aren't yet enabled for readings but would like to be, please contact Customer Support and we'll start the approval process with you.

One thing we recommend checking is your profile page and intro video. Many advisors specifically mention Purple Ocean in their intro videos or pages, and this might confuse Purple Garden users. So you might want to consider reshooting the video and/or updating your profile page accordingly so that it will be suitable for both apps.

Do I need to manage my incoming orders using two apps now?

No. Advisors only need the Purple Ocean app. Through it you can fulfill orders to clients from both Purple Ocean (1-hour orders, 24-hour orders, and video calls) and Purple Garden (video calls and soon live chats).

Where is Purple Garden available?

Purple Garden is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.

Can I make myself simultaneously available for video calls and 1-hour delivery orders?

Yes, you can! Upon the release of Purple Garden we have made this possible for the first time. This means that you can now make yourself available for live video calls without risking the loss of potential revenues from 1-hour rush orders that come in while you are in video call mode. And to help manage your orders queue, we'll notify you in the app while you're on a video call and have urgent pending orders. It's still your responsibility to fulfill all pending orders on time.

What's the difference between Purple Ocean and Purple Garden?

Purple Garden is focused only on live psychic readings, whereas Purple Ocean is primarily for non-live (1-hour and 24-hour) deliveries. At the moment Purple Ocean also has video call functionality, but we may decide to eventually phase that out and keep it only on Purple Garden. Also, the credit used to purchase readings in Purple Garden (via PayPal) is not the same credit purchased on Purple Ocean (via iTunes/Google Play).

Why create two separate apps?

The Purple Ocean app has evolved a lot in the past 3 years. We have built many features and options into the app, and we feel that adding entire new types of psychic readings would make the app cumbersome to use, which would result in an inferior user experience. Therefore we decided to separate all this functionality into two apps - one for live readings and one for non-live readings.

How can I know when I have an incoming live call from Purple Garden?

In the Purple Ocean app, when a new video call comes in from Purple Garden, it will be labeled as such in parentheses next to the user's nickname.

Will Purple Ocean always offer video calls?

It's too early for us to say. For the time being we intend to allow both Purple Ocean and Purple Garden to offer video calls, but at some point we may decide to phase video calls out of Purple Ocean and keep them only for Purple Garden.

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