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Purple Ocean 1-hour Delivery Pricing FAQ

What is the change to 1-hour delivery pricing?

Purple Ocean has offered 1-hour delivery from participating advisors for no additional charge despite the additional costs we incur for these orders.  As of May 1, 2017 1-hour delivery will be available for an additional charge of $5 per reading.  

When is the 1-hour delivery charge being introduced?

The additional charge for 1-hour delivery of readings is effective as of May 1, 2017.

Is there a price change to the standard orders? No, standard delivery order price remains unchanged at $10 credit.

Why is the additional fee for 1-hour delivery being introduced?

Purple Ocean has been subsidizing the 1-hour delivery at our expense since introducing the option in late 2015.  Participating advisors who offer 1-hour delivery commit to being available for rapid delivery of your orders and thus are compensated at a higher rate than for 24-hour delivery.  Advisors also take on additional risk by offering 1-hour delivery as there are consequences that can include account suspensions for failing to deliver orders on time.  We recognize the value of these commitments and are increasing our compensation to advisors for offering this service to Purple Ocean clients.

Can I order a 24-hour reading at the lower price from advisors offering 1-hour delivery?

Yes.  Advisors who are available offering 1-hour delivery are also available for 24-hour delivery at our standard rate.

Will advisors no longer deliver 24-hour readings sooner?

Most advisors deliver all their readings as soon as possible.  Many advisors that are not available for 1-hour delivery simply aren’t currently online.  They schedule times that are convenient for them to respond to new orders within the 24-hour deadline.  While there is no obligation for an advisor to deliver a regular 24-hour order early, many do and there is nothing changing to prevent that.  We encourage advisors to deliver all readings at their earliest convenience.

What happens if I pay the additional $5 and my reading isn’t delivered within one hour?

If the reading is not delivered within 1-hour the additional $5 charge will automatically be credited to your account.  As always, if a reading isn’t delivered within the timeframe chosen (1-hour or 24-hour) you are able to cancel the order for a full refund, or you can choose to leave the order intact and allow the advisor to respond .

Can I place a 1-hour order with any advisor?

All Purple Ocean advisors have the ability to offer 1-hour delivery of their readings when they are online.  However, many advisors continue to offer 24-hour delivery when they are not available for the rapid response of 1-hour delivery.  You can see in the order page whether or not your advisor is currently available for 1-hour delivery.  

What do I do if I have a problem with placing an order for a 1-hour reading?

You should contact support@purpleocean.co by email or from the “Customer support” link on the main menu in the Purple Ocean app if you experience any problems with the app or the service provided.

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