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Purple Garden Support
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  Each video reading you upload on Purple Ocean:
  • Must be a video of YOU. No holding your finger over the camera or blacking it out in any way. You must be present.
  • And related to that, you must show your face in every video. If you use cards, that's great! But you need to make sure you show your face at least once, so clients are assured that they are receiving a reading from the same person with whom they ordered.
  • You need to always prop your device so the video isn't wobbly.
  • You must be in a professional atmosphere. Absolutely no readings in the car or in bed! Please choose a quiet, private location for every video, and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • You must also present yourself professionally, and be dressed in clothing. No readings should be given in your pajamas, robe, etc.
  • Eating during your videos, recorded or live, is unprofessional. Smoking, vaping, or drinking alcohol is also not permitted on video. 

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