What are live video, chat, and voice? How can I enable this feature?

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Once approved, you can offer live video, voice, and text chat readings!

Here's how it works:

You will need to complete at least 30 traditional 1 hour and/or 24 hour readings. Then you can contact support to see if you are eligible.


Once the features are enabled:

To make yourself available for live calls, first turn on your regular availability. Then you will be given the option to enable live chat, just as you would rush mode. When you are available for live chats you will have a blue camera icon over your profile picture. You as the advisor set your own per-minute price, and clients can select the duration of the chat. 

You will see a countdown clock at the bottom of the screen during a chat. If time runs out and the client still wants to chat, he or she will be given the opportunity to purchase credits and add time, and you will not be disconnected. Clients can only add time once the clock has run out.

If a reading is completed before the set duration, a client can simply hang up. Clients will only be charged for the minutes you chat, so if they select 10 minutes and you only chat for 7, the client will be charged for 7 minutes based on your per-minute price. 

You will earn 36%, the same as with regular orders, since Apple/Google will still receive their split of the revenues, as usual. 

You as the advisor get to set your own rate. To set or change your per-minute rate, click on "edit" in advisor mode. Then click "next" until you get to the live readings sections. There are drop-down menus with several pricing options. You will be required to set your live chat and voice rates lower than your live video, as live video is a more premium service.

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