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Has Purple Ocean merged with or been purchased by another company?

Barges Technologies (the company behind Purple Ocean, Purple Garden, and BitWine), is merging with Ingenio, the company behind Keen, Psychic Center, Horoscope.com, Astrology.com, and several other leading brands in the spiritual advice industry.

Why is this happening?

Each company possesses unique advantages in our industry. For example, Barges has vast experience in developing apps with a "mobile-first" approach. Ingenio, on the other hand, has a massive web presence and marketing power. We believe that together we can become the world’s #1 provider of online spiritual advice services, and that this change will present us all with some fantastic growth opportunities.

What does this mean for advisors?

Right now, nothing. Barges will continue to operate independently, and its entire team will be staying on.
All of our websites and apps remain unchanged as well; we have no plans to change how you provide your readings or get paid.
We are not merging the PO/PG apps or BitWine website with any other products. All brands will continue to operate as usual.

For the long term, the possibilities are huge! With Ingenio’s prominent web presence and marketing power, paired with Barges’ extensive experience with mobile apps and its customer loyalty, we believe that both advisors and customers will benefit greatly from this move.

Will I still provide readings through the Purple Ocean app?

Yes. We have no plans to change how you provide your readings. Everything will stay the same.

Will I still receive payment in the same way?

Yes. There are currently no plans to change the payment structure or payout methods already in place.

Will I automatically become an advisor on Ingenio’s platforms?

No. Our applications and websites will still operate independently of one another, as they always have. You will not be able to log in to any other applications or websites with your Purple Ocean or BitWine credentials.

When I contact support, will I still interact with the same people as before?

Yes! Your Support and Community teams will remain the same for each platform and you will contact them the same way you always have.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact support.

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