What is Rush Mode?

Purple Garden Support
Purple Garden Support
Rush mode is when you accept orders that have a 1 hour deadline. You make $2.0 more per order when you deliver a rush job. All regular orders have a 24 hour deadline.  

In order to accept Rush Delivery orders:
  1. Tap the "I'm available" switch on your "My jobs" screen.
  2. Tap the "One hour delivery" switch directly underneath that.
  3. Select "yes" to acknowledge you want to be on Rush Delivery and to proceed.

Rush Delivery Mode is set up to automatically turn off after about two hour. This is a safety measure so advisors don’t forget they are in Rush Mode and log off without turning it off. After a couple of hours with no activity on the app, you will be prompted to elect Rush Delivery status if you wish to continue delivering Rush Delivery orders

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