How and when do I get paid?

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Purple Ocean pays advisors through PayPal. There’s a 3 day clearance period for all revenues generated, as well as a $35 minimum withdrawal sum. 

When looking at your revenues screen, it will give approximations on when a payment will clear. If it says ~1 day that includes a range of anything from approx 1 hour to 47 hours, as those are all in the range of approximately 1 day. Then anything 48 hours to 71 hours will say ~2 days, and so on. These numbers are approximations, not exact times.

This is why paying attention to the date and time the amount was earned is the best, most accurate way to determine when an amount will clear. If you look at the date a revenue was earned and add 15 days, you will know when it will clear into your withdrawable funds.

If you are eligible to make a withdrawal, you can do so by going to the Revenues screen, then tap on the "Withdraw" button.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $35, and we also have a maximum amount. Anytime you accumulate  $600 or more in your withdrawable account, our system will trigger an automatic withdrawal. 


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