Answering Live Calls on iOS devices (after 14.0.1)

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We made some upgrades to the way Purple Ocean's iOS app handles incoming live calls. This change was required by Apple, and it affects how incoming calls are presented to advisors. The various scenarios are described below.

Device is unlocked:

If a call comes in when your device is unlocked, simply tap on "Accept." This will launch the relevant call screen inside the Purple Ocean app:

The incoming call type, duration, and client nickname will be scrolled across the top of this screen.

Important: DO NOT use the "Remind Me" or "Decline" buttons. They appear in iOS by default, but Purple Ocean requires that all incoming calls from clients be answered.

After you click the blue box to accept the call, you will see the following screen briefly while the call connects:

Then it will go through to the call and connect with your caller as usual.

Device is locked:

If a call arrives while your device is locked, you will see a screen like the one below. Swipe on the "Slide to answer" slider–this will launch the relevant video call / voice call / chat screen inside the Purple Ocean app:

After answering the call, the screen will appear as seen below, and you'll need to proceed from it to Purple Ocean's own call screen. Without doing so, your session will not start. 

Important: DO NOT tap cancel or decline the call. Doing so will count against you, and may result in the suspension or revocation of your ability to offer live readings.

Swipe to open your device with the slide to answer arrow as shown above and you'll be prompted to unlock your screen in whichever locking method you've implemented on your device - Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode. Shown below is the Face ID option. If you have a device with Touch ID, you'll need to scan your fingerprint and if you're only using a numeric passcode you'll be prompted to enter it. Once unlocked, your session will start!

Once unlocked, it will go to the "My Jobs" screen as shown above with an unlocked device and then to the live call screen.

If you have any questions, please contact support!

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