Can you remove a negative review?

Noa Runes
Noa Runes
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We know it doesn't feel good to receive negative feedback, but it really is part of working with the public. We absolutely will not intervene with reviews and feedback unless our Terms of Use are being violated in some way. We pride ourselves on running an ethical business, and you should also be proud to be associated with a company who is transparent with its clients. 

Please do not email us about a review unless it meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • It contains abusive language, e.g. a client is calling you names or using curse words, hate speech, etc.
  • The review is about Purple Ocean as a whole and not related to your reading, e.g. the review is a complaint about the cost of a reading, or is talking about a technical issue, etc
  • The review is fraudulent. This means that someone has placed an order with you specifically to leave bad feedback. Examples of this include someone you know in real life who is harassing you or someone who has created multiple accounts in order to leave feedback.
If some of these criteria are met, please contact us and include the order details, including the order date and username, and specify why you feel it meets the above criteria. 

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