How can I be featured on the front page of Purple Ocean and increase my business?

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Every brand new advisor gets a turn on our front page, as we have a feature for "new advisors". This happens automatically and is not something that we program or can modify or change. This is true for our other sections on the front page as well. If you are trending (which means getting a lot of orders) this is figured out automatically by our system and you will show up in our trending section. If you are one of the highest rated psychics on our site, you will show up in the highest rated section.

Another section we have on the front page is  Staff Picks. We're only selecting a few advisors each time, so please don't take it personally if you're not chosen. The best way to get noticed for Staff Picks is to simply do your best! Make sure you're following the rules, completing all of your orders on-time, and receiving positive reviews! Happy clients make repeat clients, and we all win! 
We also really appreciate advisors who take the time to rate us in the app store! :) The more positive ratings we receive, the higher we rate in the app stores, and again, we all win!

Finally, there are 2 other ways to show up on our front page. One is to have a Bitwine account, and make sure that your Purple Ocean account and Bitwine account are connected and that you are logged in to your Bitwine account and able to take customers there. We featured these advisors on the front page in the "Live Chat" section.

The last is to make yourself available for Rush Delivery. If you are available for 1 hour Rush Delivery, you will be showcased with the other advisors who are also offering 1 hour delivery when any client taps the "available for 1 hour delivery" button featured on our front page. This is the very best way to increase your business on Purple Ocean, as most of our customers are looking for a quick, 1 hour reading.

Another option is to be available when there isn't much competition. Currently, the late night and early morning hours in the US time zones don't have much coverage, since most of our advisors live in the US. So if you can find some times to be available when few others are, especially in rush mode, you'll have success with clients who are in Europe, Australia, etc.  

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