What happens if I get a phone call or text message while I am delivering a live reading?

Noa Runes
Noa Runes
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If you get a phone call while you are giving a live reading, you will be given a notification on your phone to accept or decline the call. We ask that you decline the phone call until the reading you are giving ends.

When you decline your phone call, the screen will momentarily go black for your client, but audio will still be working. This is just momentary and the picture will come back, so continue with your reading through this.

The same thing will happen if you get a text or other notification on your phone while you are delivering your live reading. If a client gets a phone call, notification or text while you are reading for them, you will see the same thing on your side: The screen will momentarily go black, but again, just momentarily. Please proceed with the reading through this.

If you would like to not be bothered by this, we do suggest you set your phone to "do not disturb" mode while setting yourself available to do live readings.

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