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Can Tides clients order a discounted follow-up reading with me on Purple Ocean?

Yes, they can! If a client enjoyed your answer on Tides and you're available for Purple Ocean readings, they'll be offered a follow-up deal similar to what is offered on Purple Ocean.
What do I need to do in order to receive a follow-up reading on Purple Ocean?
It is recommended to be available for Purple Ocean services (live video, rush, and 24 hour standard orders) when answering Tides, as the user may place an order for a follow-up.
What is the benefit to me?
Repeat business and converting clients to regulars is always a benefit. This offer will motivate clients to order more in-depth readings with you on Purple Ocean, and then possibly even on Purple Garden. 
How will I know the client came from Purple Tides?
When the order is submitted to you, you will be shown the client's question and your answer in the order details. 
What is the pricing, and what is my share?
Just as with discounted follow-up orders on Purple Ocean, clients will pay $6 for a 24 hour order and $12 for a rush delivery, with your cut being 36%. 

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