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In the case that a client shares particularly offensive content with you during a live session, we've created a new “Emergency” button to increase your sense of security and enable you to report clients’ serious gross misconduct.


What do we mean by "Gross Misconduct?" This is defined as offensive content that is of a heinous, serious nature. A client exposes himself or herself. A client discusses sexual content with you that is egregiously inappropriate, or shocking violence. A client speaks abusively to you using graphic foul language, or is threatening violence or harm to you in a way that they should be immediately silenced and removed from the app instantly for the protection of our overall Advisor Community.


Though these occurrences are few and far between, we take them very seriously. Now, the power is in your hands to team up with Support to keep yourself and the rest of the community safe from clients who are nefariously using the app for sexual content or images. This important improvement to our app is simple to use. If you are engaged in a call with a client, and gross misconduct, as described above, occurs:

  • Tap on the red "emergency" icon seen on the live call screen.
  • Select an option which describes your reason for reporting from the pull-down menu.
  • Tap the red "report misconduct" button.
  • The session will immediately terminate.
  • The report will be instantly submitted to Support, and the client account will be disabled.
  • If you tap the "emergency" icon in error, or wish to cancel the report before you submit, you can do so by tapping the "cancel" button.

Since this action does remove a client from their access to the app immediately, please do make sure that this button and report is used for serious gross misconduct. 


This isn’t a way to report a bad review, or a client that you think might have multiple accounts, or a client that is just challenging or difficult. This is for someone that is heinously violating and offensive. 


If something isn’t clear or if you have any questions, please email for assistance. Support is always here to hear your concerns and get you further clarity if needed.

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