I paid for credits, but I didn't get those credits in my account. What now?

Noa Runes
Noa Runes
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When you buy credits on Purple Ocean, you do this through iTunes in-app purchase, so you pay Apple iTunes or Google Play, not Purple Ocean. So, if you want a refund, Purple Ocean is unable to process a refund of this nature. You will have to contact Apple iTunes or Google Play, whom you paid, to reverse the transaction.

What we can do to help you, however, is make sure that you get credited for any in-app purchases that you made that you feel you have not already been credited for on Purple Ocean. To do this, we need you to forward us the Apple iTunes or Google Play receipt for the charge and send us any screenshots of the purchase you've made on your Google Play or iTunes purchase history and we would be happy to research this and add the credit to your account. You can email them to us directly at support@purpleocean.co.

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