I would like to do a Live Video Call with an advisor. How do I order a Live Video Call?

Noa Runes
Noa Runes
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Live readings are in real time, so first, you have to make sure that the advisor you wish to speak with is in Live Video mode in order to place an order. Advisors who are in Live Video mode have a blue icon present on their picture. 

From there you just tap on the advisor's picture and tap on the button that reads START with the icon of the video camera on it. Please note: if the button indicates that the advisor is "busy" then your advisor is already on a call, and you must check back to see when they are no longer busy, or just place a regular 24 hour video order.

Once you do that, you can select an amount of time to purchase. Please note: You will not need to use all of this time to conduct your call, if you should finish before the time you have purchased elapses. Vice versa, you will be able to add more time to your call if the time that you purchased should run out and you wish to continue talking with your advisor.

Once you have selected the amount of time you wish to purchase, tap on the "start Call" button and your call will commence. You may let it ring as long as you would like to let the advisor answer. When the advisor answers, then your call begins. The call will remain active until you tap the red phone button to hang up and end your call.

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